Complete software solutions, with customisations and In-person support, all at a reasonable price!


Never miss a beat on your website. Track your online footfall and know your audience’s psyche better.

Lead Manager

Don’t lose sight of your contacts and leads. Instead maintain them all here and manage the frequency with which you would like to communicate with them.

HR Recruiter

Allow your prospective employees to apply on your open positions and handle the entire recruitment process single-handedly.


Send quotes, invoices or receipts within seconds and look professional too. All you have to do is upload your Logo.


Create attractive newsletters and catch hold of your clients' attention. Just drag and drop to add your content and you're set to run your marketing campaigns

Website Builder

Choose a theme of your liking and easily change the logo, images and content to launch your website on your own.

Blog Writer

No better way for SEO than writing your own blogs and showcasing your brand’s genuine worth. Go Blogging with our Blog Writer.

Project Management

Create projects with 3 level detailing, assign them to your team and track their progress status every single day.

Time Tracker

Track the actual time taken by your team members on any particular task and know if it is within limits.

Team Attendance & Compensation

Maintain your team’s attendance and generate their pay slips every month on auto pilot mode. No manual intervention needed.

Team Onboarding

Forget the hassle of maintaining employee records. Go digital and maintain all important information clutter-free.

Team Appraisals

Have yearly performance trends -with respect to multiple aspects- ready before each appraisal. Let’s be more fair and square!

Organization Sign up

With our role based access to the system, you can bring on board your entire organization and even your clients without thinking twice.

Realtime chat and inboxes

You can use your branding and also define the organization’s communication protocol, allowing to pick up the threads in anyone’s absence.

Out of the Box!

Go all out and put your brand name in place of my handydash to impress your clientele. You can also get custom made modules to suit your organization’s specialized needs.

How It Works

A 3 step simple process to get started!


Make a wish

Choose your service bundle or connect with us for a thorough consultation regarding your requirements.


Take the plunge

Make the payment for your chosen service bundle.


And Voila!

Your handy dashboard is ready for use. Feel the difference in the ease of doing business…

Our Service Bundles

No matter where you stand on your entrepreneurial journey, whether you’ve just started, or been there a while and are looking to scale up or are looking at changing the way things work … we’ve got you covered.

Start Up

Start Up

For the newly started
  • Look no further as we have got all your business needs covered right from building up a website, GST enabled invoicing , brand marketing, managing HR and the most important of managing leads and clients.
Start up now
Scale Up

Scale Up

For the expanding ones
  • Processes tend to get a little muddled up as your numbers grow. What worked for your team earlier will not suffice anymore and hence you need automation to your rescue. Offload mundane payroll, project management and employee performance track keeping to technology and focus more on your craft!
Scale up now
Game Changer

Game Changer

For the expanding ones
  • Tired of working around systems and would rather have the systems work the way you think and operate. It’s about time you convert your ideas into reality! Get your customized solution(s) built from us.
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